For quite some time I had a stomach ulcer which was causing a lot of pain. It was caused by stress. I didn’t want to take the prescribed medication as it made me feel even worse. After your gentle reminder, I started doing my Life Energy technique locally on my stomach on a daily basis. Within a week, both the pain and my ulcer had miraculously all but disappeared. Now I do my 5 min Life Energy healing every day without fail and I can feel myself getting stronger daily.
Thank you so much for giving me my own power to heal myself instead of relying on ineffective medication. I can see that attending your course was indeed life changing in my quest for better health.
~ Mrs J.
Date of Posting: 24 August 2012
Posted By: sabine
"...My daughter used to have asthma....After only a few weeks of using Life Energy, it was gone..."
~ Maurice.
Date of Posting: 24 August 2012
Posted By: sabine
I had been coughing for about four weeks when I was given medication for asthma. I started doing energy transfers on myself and it had an effect almost immediately. A few days later I put away my asthma pump and it just gets better every day. Jim
Date of Posting: 24 August 2012
Posted By: sabine
I wish to report that I also attend homeopathic treatment from a wonderful lady doctor in Johannesburg. Four weeks ago when I was diagnosed with cancer in the kidney she was most concerned at my wish to delay the removal of the kidney within the following two weeks. In order to assess the level of cancer tumors in my body she undertook a special blood test. The result was that the cancer level in my body as at 26 points. In any case she said that a normal level is 6 points and that if in the following weeks I climb above 30 points I must act to have the kidney removed urgently. I then met you three weeks ago and have embarked on the Life Energy treatment every day since then, especially more recently with your help.
I had a blood test again after two weeks of Life-Energy. She phoned me a day later in a state of complete excitement saying that the level had dropped to 10,4 from 26. She said that it has never been known to drop so much in such a short time and advised that I must be doing something very different, and whatever I am doing, I must continue with it.
Date of Posting: 13 August 2012
Posted By: Catherine
Cape Town
Have a great story to tell you. On Sunday when I got home after the course, my little dog had developed some hotspots that were red and raw from her biting and scratching. She also had a large pink area with no hair from about 3 weeks ago. I gave her a treatment for 2 min holding my hands over the worst of the spots. On Monday morning they looked much better – no longer raw. I gave her another 2 min treatment. Monday evening the spots had healed but she had a new one on her back. Tuesday evening I gave her another treatment for 2 min and this morning the spots were completely healed and the one with no hair is almost invisible as the hair has grown back.
It is fantastic !!!!
For myself, I have been going to for live blood analysis and my blood has had a ph of 6.6 and then 6.5 for 2 weeks. I did a treatment on myself on Monday and then again on Tuesday – C7 and occiput, C2 and 3 and stomach and spleen and pulse. My ph today was 6.9 – the guy was amazed. Said it normally takes about 4 weeks for the blood to change.
Date of Posting: 13 August 2012
Posted By: Mike Peters

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