Healing Animals - Giving Love to Man's Best Friends

Interestingly, I get a lot of requests from people who want to help their pets.

Pets can be helped in a similar way to humans.

Katy from Johannesburg loves helping animals with Life-Energy. She says they love it too. Usually when animals get wind of a vet visit, they shy away but with Life-Energy, they eagerly come back for more transfers. So far she reports that she has only helped dogs and cats.

The results, she says, are astonishing. Suna was a large bulldog who had ulcerations all over her body. According to the vet, she had internal ulcerations as well. There seemed to be no cure. Katy had taken her from vet to vet and nothing seemed to help. Apparently Suna’s condition was from inaccurate administration of hormones during her PA0202052pregnancy.

“We treated her daily on different points of her body and also directly on the ulcerations. After three weeks, she has recovered almost completely and I am totally assured she will be as healthy as the next dog in no time at all. Besides this, it looks like sight has returned to her right eye.

This is something we didn’t even think of treating but has happened in the process.”

Simone, a student from Cape Town had a great story to tell me : “ On Sunday when I got home after the course, my little dog had developed some hotspots that were red and raw from her biting and scratching.

She also had a large pink area with no hair from about 3 weeks ago. I gave her a transfer of Life-Energy for 2 min holding my hands over the worst of the spots. On Monday morning, they looked much better – no longer raw. I gave her another 2 minutes transfer of Energy.

Monday evening the spots had healed but she had a new one on her back. Tuesday evening I gave her another transfer and this morning the spots were completely healed and the one with no hair is almost invisible as the hair has grown back. It is fantastic !!!! “

PA0201342“We have treated a number of dogs, cats and abused monkeys with similar amazing results. Skin disorders, arthritis, cysts, tumors, hearing and heart problems all have reacted positively.

Animals all love the transfers of Life-Energy but seemed to be slightly shocked after the first treatment. Once they have had one, they want more and will sometimes stand still when we administer it.”