Welcome to Life-Energy! - A Joyous Path of Healing Through the Power and Grace of Loving Energy.

Woman with bare shoulders smiling broadly uid 1284739 2A special time has arrived.

A time for us to remember innate wisdom the ancients carried with them. A wisdom that knew for certain that healing is our birthright and each and every one of us can live with boundless and beautiful energy.

Everyone has access to Lifenergy.

It is inexhaustible and nourishing.

It is healing, restorative and invigorating and will calm, inform, uplift and give hope. It is an energy that costs nothing financially and is freely available.

  • Lifenergy, is a healing technique so simple and so immediate that can be taught to anyone.
  • Once again we can take responsibility for our own healing and wellbeing as well as helping those around us at no cost and in no time at all.
  • Whether you believe it or not, it still works.
  • There are no disease conditions that Lifenergy cannot be applied to.

All are welcome to participate to the course..

Life-Energy has been taught to thousand of people in South-Africa and around the world. You too, could master this extraordinary work.  
We all have the ability to use Life-Energy frequencies of Healing. You do not have to have pre-set skills, all are welcome to participate in the course.

Today, Life-Energy is used by doctors, surgeons, in hospitals and medical practices but also by dentists, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, teachers, leaders in business and the corporate world, housewives, caregivers, catholic nuns, Buddhist monks, just to name a few.

See doctors talking about their experiences with Life-Energy - Click here.

The use of the technique also reduces stress, calm anxiety, bring balance into our daily routine. When using it, we are able to be more focused, have more Energy and Joy.

Life-Energy is a lot more than a technique :

It allows us to help others and ourselves on a physical, emotional and psychological level.

Transfers of Energy are Effective and Tangible from the first day !!!